How To Ask Out Your Crush in 2021

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It’s a brand new year and when it comes to asking out your crush there’s a bunch of new things you’re definitely going to want to prepare for in 2021.

If you have noticed that the pandemic through dating for a bit of a loop.

You might have had to deal with remote learning or remote working so the chances of seeing your crush in person just dropped drastically or your crush maybe wasn’t too enthusiastic about going out on a date, spending time outside around other people, so that just made it a whole lot harder.

Well, this here is kind of carrying over some of those same patterns but there’s a lot of new things that I really want you to prioritize to make sure you can be as successful as possible.

Build an awesome and engaging online profile

Most of the interactions you’re gonna have with your crush are gonna happen online so what I want you to really prioritize is building out an awesome profile for them to check out. Post cool pictures, cool information about yourself, basically give them an insight into your life so that they can see how awesome of a person you are. Your online profile serves as the window into your personality for your crush. If they really want to learn about what your hobbies and your interests are, that’s how they’re going to discover it.

Interact with and be active with their posts

Like things, comment on it, be interactive with stuff that they share. That’s how they’re going to start to get familiarized with your face, they’re going to start to see you pop up more in their feed, and that’s where you’re going to start to be able to slide into their DMs and finally ask them out.

P.S. don’t underestimate the power of group chats.

If you have a mutual friend in common with your crush, feel free to add your crush, that friend, and a few other people into a group chat so that everyone can get to know each other better. That social atmosphere is going to make it easier for you to start talking to your crush in that group and then eventually slide it back into the DMs.

But when it comes to actually asking that person out, what does that look like in 2021?

Focus on being deep and simple

Well, your interactions with your crush are definitely going to be limited so you’re going to want to focus on moments that are deep and simple. If your crush is not really up for going on a date outside you can always have online video chat dates with them.

Pick a date and a time, both you can jump on camera and just chat with each other. You can have dinner at the same time and make it more romantic or you could talk, play video games, watch movies. The whole point though is to spend one-on-one time together. That’s the whole purpose of a date initially, so whether it’s in person or online you have those options.

And if your crush is okay with going outside for a date you might be a bit limited in your options so instead of really thinking about restaurants and indoor dining and places where lots of people kind of congregate, focus on relaxed, open spaces. That might be parks or lakes or anywhere where there’s kind of open spaciousness for the two of you kind of just walk, enjoy nature, talk, really just enjoy each other’s presence without a lot of people around you. Sure, it’s not bowling or a dinner date but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a romantic experience with that person just out and about in nature.

Sometimes we overlook the simplicity of what’s out there and just a simple walk together where you can talk and laugh might be exactly what you need to get closer to them.

Don’t let nervousness hold you back

I know in previous years you probably wanted to work up the courage and go do it but you held yourself back, that’s all going to change this year.

This is going to be the year where you really take action.

If you’re dealing with oneitis and you’re just obsessed with one person that you can’t get over, I want you to go out there and flirt with multiple people. Message other people, get to know them, go on other dates. Don’t limit yourself to just one person.

If you’ve constantly been rejected in the past few years and are just ready to give up on dating, don’t lose hope. I want you to really look back at the small little things that you could have done differently that could have had a massive impact.

Maybe it was the type of message you sent to your crush the first time around or maybe it was just how you acted around them when you finally met up.

Either way, when it comes to asking out your crush in 2021 there’s a simple formula that’s going to guide you through it:

Step #1: Learn about their hobbies and their interests

The more you could find in common with them the easier it’s going to be for you to ask deeper questions to really see where the two of you connect.

Step#2: Ask them out

Put your confidence on display. Let them see that you like them. Don’t just tell them how you feel, show them how you feel.

Step#3: Follow up

Make it a regular thing. Let them know what your intentions are. Do you want to be in a relationship? Do you want to see them more? Or do you just want a fling? Be clear about what you want from that interaction.

If you follow that formula you’re going to get to know your crush better. You might stop at step one or stop at step two or make it to step three, but either way 2021 is going to be your year to get closer to your crush where you’re finally gonna ask them out.

If you’re worried about what to talk to them about or what to say, you should check out my 20 Ice Breaker Conversation Starters. Those are 20 questions you can use to just get to know your crush better.

I’m ready. Are you ready? let’s do this together.

On that note, I’ll catch you next time.
As always, love and peace.

Josh is an inspirational speaker, YouTuber, and author of the self-help book “Embracing The Awkward” for teens and young adults.

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